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ShopSphere launched at GITEX

Grow with ShopSphere

Accelerate the digital transformation of your business with the highly intuitive eCommerce solution stack.

Explore this stellar solution stack that comes with advanced scaling capabilities and pre-built components.

Leverage the wide range of features which amply perks up intuitive visual search and product discovery experience.

What’s inside ShopSphere?

A core eCommerce platform that optimizes use of new age technologies

Transforms your eCommerce journey and makes your business stand out among competitors and thrive by augmenting sales

An AI solution to facilitate one of its kind experiences in visual search and product discovery

Offers seamlessly interactive and phenomenal visual search and product discovery experience which is extremely easy, fast and fun filled for the end consumers

Highly composite product stack to support businesses to launch and scale their mobile store front

Facilitates seamless transition or addition without major disruptions as the inbuilt MACH architecture of this technology makes it easy to add, replace, or remove technologies

Make best use of the analytics and dashboards without replacing your existing eCommerce platforms

Ditch the replatform cycle and choose from the best tools available in the market. Add, replace, or remove tools while maintaining the existing functionality that is operation and viable

Explore ShopSphere and unravel the architecture

The Azure and MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) makes it flexible to plug and play with a variety of applications.

It also gives eCommerce businesses the liberty to opt from highly advanced tools in the market while maintaining a configuration that ensures easy plugging, replacing, or removing of tools as and when necessary.

A glimpse into the major features

Seamlessly interactive and ensures a phenomenal visual search experience which is easy, fast and fun filled

Array of features includes striking agility and customer centricity which ensures one of its kind product discovery experience

A complete solution stack with advanced scaling capabilities and pre-built components to facilitate total control and high levels of scalability to support eCommerce business growth

Hit the market in record time by launching or scaling your eCommerce businesses in a matter of days

What’s in for ShopSphere customers?

Quick implementation to ensure growth

Ready-to-go solution curated with decades of eCommerce experience, ensures quick go-live at a fractional cost and implementation time

Greater flexibility to and scalability

Flexibility tailor the solution components to the exact needs of your business and to scale as your business grows

Amazing experience for end consumers

Futuristic features, powered by advanced machine learning and AI capabilities, provides an intuitive shopping experience to end customers

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