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Designed to drive eCommerce growth and innovation, the solution deftly manages scale and brings efficiency. This advanced and robustly futuristic solution is perfect for simplifying eCommerce selling and empowering brands in fast-paced retail markets.

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Mozanta, the eCommerce experts

Powered by open source technologies, ShopSphere’s pre-built components like inbuilt integrations & APIs for headless implementations make transformation towards digital seamless. It facilitates painless migration to smarter, advanced ecommerce solutions with flexibility and innate control of MACH architecture.

How it works

This cutting-edge solution stack leverages MACH based architecture to deliver seamlessly interactive interface, and phenomenal visual search and product discovery experience. Its unparalleled scalability for fast-growing brands provides vital impetus to drive revenue and growth.

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ShopSphere is the product of a decade's worth of expertise in the retail industry and extensive technical experience in various areas, resulting in an exemplary solution.

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ShopSphere unique

ShopSphere is built on MACH architecture to ensure scalability and uptime. It leverages artificial intelligence to offer tailored product suggestions.

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