ShopSphere AI

Shopping with AI

Deliver an outstanding shopping experience for your customers by helping them with intelligent shopping decisions

ShopSpere AI

Improve product selection
and Customer experience

ShopSphere AI

By utilizing minimal customer inputs, artificial intelligence is employed to provide customized product suggestions.

Advanced product recommendation and visual discovery functionalities utilize sophisticated AI algorithms to collect and analyze data, in turn delivering a tailored experience to customers.

ShopSphere AI experience

A glimpse into the
major features

Highly configurable APIs to suit individual business needs.

Comprehensive search functionality through the combination of historical data, and product matching.

Configurable and trainable algorithms allowing for customization and optimization.

Robust AI/ML capabilities employed for product recommendation and discovery

Composite architecture for seamless integration into existing systems.

Search functionality as microservices, increasing its flexibility and adaptability.

ShopSphere Benefits

ShopSphere AI

ShopSpere AI benefits

ShopSphere AI

ShopSphere AI satisfies the increasingly high expectations of customers as they provide personalized suggestions that can win their loyalty.

  • Makes shopping highly personalized
  • Increase the likelihood of conversions — and even average order value.

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